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J2A Pilgrimage 2010

J2A Pilgrimage 2010 to Northern England:

Discovering “Our Celtic Christian Roots”

On July 2, 2010 twelve young people and five adults from Christ Church departed on a pilgrimage to Northern England to explore the holy sites of our Anglican Christian heritage.

Goals of the Pilgrimage

  • Discovering God in new and different ways, and in unexpected places.
  • Developing an understanding of the church’s Celtic roots.Expand the pilgrim’s horizons by visiting a different country. (We are two countries separated by a common language).Having fun and realizing that church things can be fun.
  • Every day we plan to discuss what we did to understand what the group enjoys. This will modify certain plans, and have no effect on others (guess)!
  • We will also try to give them some background and understanding about what we will be doing each morning.